14 February 2015

Googling Feminism

Yesterday I thought it might be interesting to Google various terms related to feminism, and see what quick search suggestions came up. It's hardly an original thing to do—I personally first came across the idea in English for Business Studies, the course book we use at university, and it's fairly common to see similar images around nowadays. Like all Google searches, these depend on your geographical location, language, and a host of other factors. But the results are entertaining, illuminating and/or shocking nonetheless. If nothing else, they give an impression of the context in which the fourth wave of feminism is taking its stand.

None of these images have been edited in any way, of course. I also tweeted the results (and added a couple more today); clicking on the various images should take you to the original tweet.

It might be interesting to do the same thing in a year's time, and see what has changed.

First of all, some basic terms.

Then some basic concepts.

Attitudes towards sexuality, mainly. 'LGBTQ' turned up nothing in quick search, btw.

Some forms of sexuality. 'Transexual' turned up nothing.

Miscellaneous. First time I've used the #GamerGate hashtag, as well.


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