17 November 2008

In Aller Stille, by Die Toten Hosen

Not bad at all. In Aller Stille opens with a 'We're still here!’ song which sets the tone for the rest of the album. There's less musical experimentation (or, depending on your perspective, boredom) here than the Hosen's had a decade ago, so there's no horn sections or supermarket trolleys or funk rhythms. Nevertheless, a cello creeps into a couple of pieces, as well as a duet on a ballad. And a decent ballad at that. There is a fair amount of shouting—which should please my brother—although at times it sounds a little cheesy, as do the Madonna-esque keyboards on 'Disco' (but you can't really hold that against them as that's their point). All in all it's a short, punchy album which doesn't really do anything new but does show that the Hosen's can still muster up enough passion, anger, and musicality to remain relevant. Whether it's still punk is another question.

Verdict: Good; worth hearing. RYM review.

09 November 2008

A drunken name

So there I am with my girlfriend on the station at Naumburg, and I am accosted by an amiable drunk who seems fascinated by the fact I’m English. Fine, whatever, discreetly move to a carriage further up the train when it arrives. But my friend is now moving along the train, and eventually settles not far away, talking to the Russian woman opposite him. I should note at this point that he seems perfectly capable of speaking several languages, and well. Noticing me again, he takes a renewed interest, and proceeds to offer me wisdom relating to a number of issues. First of all, German is a very important language, as so many other European languages are derived from it, and German women are tall.

Next, he tells me that German women are dangerous because they just want a man with a well-paid and steady job. Finally, just before he leaves the train, he tells me that he has just decided on the name of the first son that my girlfriend and I will have together.

Winston Aurelius Maximilian.