02 September 2008

The Bunny Boy, by The Residents

Paraniod. Psychotic. Deranged. And that’s just the music.

Like The Voice of Midnight, the last album by the famously anonymous Residents, The Bunny Boy describes a descent into madness. Except that it makes its predecessor sound like a bed-time story, which in a way it was.

To be honest, I haven’t had enough time to absorb the album, except to say that it’s excellent, so I won’t even try to write a review. It does feel a little unfinished—that is, the story doesn’t seem to reach a conclusion—but that’s only to be expected, given that the CD is the first of three elements to be undertaken.

The second, a video series, is currently being streamed on YouTube as well as being available at a higher quality for download at the official site. This latter is in mp4 and so works perfectly with iTunes. There are supposed to be three episodes released a week, and will feature completely different music to the CD.

The third element is a tour starting on 3 October. This I will kill to see.

The CD may well end up being the weakest part of the project, if the first video and recent tours are anything to go by.

One final thing: The Bunny Boy should probably come with a warning. This isn’t music that young children should hear, not unless you want them to have serious nightmares. So, in parting, I’ll leave you with some words.
There’s blood on the bunny, there’s blood on the floor
There’s blood on the funny face he adored
There’s blood on the bunny