12 April 2003

Who to Blame for Looting?

So, Bagdad has fallen. And the people are running riot, looting whatever building they can find, including hospitals. The British and Americans are coming under increasing pressure to impose law and order, and are being criticised for bringing about anarchy in Iraq’s capital. Fine. But here’s a question: when someone breaks into my house and steals my computer, do I blame the police for not being there to prevent it? Or do I blame the fucker who broke in?

I agree that, as the only group of people in a position to bring about order in Bagdad, the British and Americans need to assert themselves. But there’s a limit to how far you can criticise them out of anti-war sentiment, because after all it is Iraqis who are doing the looting and rendering their own hospitals useless. Such stupidity has no excuse, and we should not excuse those members of the Iraqi population getting a kick out of ransacking their own country simply because we don't like the Americans.

It may well be that America has ‘opened a can of worms’, or even a Pandora's box, by going into Iraq. But some of the blame for what follows must lie with the actual worms.

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